In today’s highly competitive market companies need to do everything they can to cut costs, fine-tune their operations and to maximise returns where possible. Efficiently managing inventory overstock is an often overlooked but extremely fast and effective way to provide vital working capital. If you NEED to get a higher return for your surplus electronic components you’ll need to work with a smarter Excess liquidator that has a value building system in place. CCL can help you to achieve higher returns for your surplus stock of electronic components.

Increased Cash Flow

Since 1997 Computer Components Ltd (CCL) has successfully managed excess inventory of active and passive electronic components for major OEMs and CEMs worldwide.  With over 4000 trading partners in 40 countries CCL provides a powerful route to market by liquidating excess electronic component inventory into usable cash flow.    

100% Return

CCL’s Consignment Partnership Programme is by far the most efficient and stress-free solution to managing excess inventory. CCL Managing Director Adam Chinery says “It is a mutual contractual agreement whereby clients work with CCL as a strategic partner, with CCL doing everything possible on the client’s behalf to secure maximum revenue for their excess or redundant stock.”  This is made possible by CCL’s in-depth market knowledge, in-house expertise, focus and IT, which delivers financial returns far in excess of what is achievable through the standard auction/bid process.

The client maintains ownership of their inventory whilst CCL has total responsibility for the logistics and resale.  At no cost to the client, CCL will insure, transport, warehouse, market, sell and ship the client’s product at maximum market value, thus giving clients complete peace of mind that there is an efficient end-to-end solution to their excess inventory problems.  This completely tailorable solution carries minimum risk and maximum returns, producing revenues of up to 100% of the original value of the excess stock.

CCL operate an open-book policy keeping clients informed about progress every step of the way.  Clients receive fast payment for their excess stock which could otherwise continue to gather dust and lose value. The agreement is very flexible as clients have the right to recall their products at any time, and to route fresh excess through to CCL.  This allows clients to take advantage of short-term changes in market demand.

To contact CCL, phone: +44 1404 540300, email: or visit the website: to find out how they can work on behalf of those companies holding excess or redundant stock of electronic components.