AVX Corporation is claiming to have doubled the capacitance of its 0603 Multilayer Organic Capacitor (MLOC) Series, extending the highest-rated capacitance value from 2.5pF to 5.1pF.  The company advises, ideal applications for its 0603 MLO capacitors include RF power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, filter networks, and instrumentation. The capacitors are said to exhibit low ESR, high SRF, and high Q and are capable of supporting frequencies well above 5GHz.  The company adds that the devices are expansion matched to PCBs for improved reliability, along with exhibiting low dielectric absorption (0.0015 percent) and capacitance tolerances as tight as ±0.02pF.

Fabricated on large area substrates and state-of-the-art laser direct imaging, our 0603 MLO RF capacitors provide customers with improved cost benefits and tolerance control, as well as exhibit excellent performance,” said Larry Eisenberger, Senior Marketing Application Engineer at AVX.

The company adds that design specifications include being rated for -55°C to 125°C and for 50V, 250V, and 500V, this RF capacitor series utilises low-loss organic polymer materials.  The company also highlights that every production lot is 100 percent evaluated for capacitance and proof voltage at 2.5UR and reliability data has been verified via JEDEC, Mil Spec, and IPC testing.