Avnet Embedded in EMEA, an Avnet, Inc. (NYSE:AVT) company, today announced the introduction of a unique Advantage Pack solution, complete with a ready-to-use Windows Embedded OS image script and Panel PC hardware.

An Advantage Pack will help engineers save precious time in producing an image. The Advantage Pack is a complete kit, ready to go with all start-up and driver files, example OS image scripts and even a deployment ‘how-to’ guide. Advantage Packs are produced to support Windows Embedded Standard 2009 and Windows Embedded Standard 7 on selected hardware available from Avnet Embedded EMEA.

A Windows Embedded Standard 2009 Advantage Pack is available now for the Flytech K750 Series of Panel PCs and a Windows Embedded Standard 7 Advantage Pack is scheduled for release within the next two weeks. This unique service is offered free of charge when purchasing a Flytech Panel PC from the K750 series Panel PC via Avnet Embedded EMEA.

Ashley Shone, product and engineering manager at Avnet Embedded EMEA commented: “The Advantage Pack provides an invaluable resource for any developer or engineer wishing to deploy a fast test image on a piece of relevant embedded hardware. The Advantage Pack range will continue to grow over the next year and soon we will be able to offer an Advantage Pack for a range of SBC and Panel PC products”.