UK based ARCOL Resistors have increased their product availability from specialist component distributor Rapid Electronics  ( In addition to extending their product offering to include the complete range of ARCOL’s high power HS series, Rapid are also now stocking the ARCOL V3 series of 3 watt vitreous enamel resistors.

The ARCOL HS Series of Aluminium Housed Resistors are manufactured in line with the requirements of MIL 18546 and IEC 115 and designed for direct heat-sink mounting with thermal compound to achieve maximum performance. With power dissipation of up to 200 watts and an ohmic value range from R01 to 100K? the HS Series are available with a number of special features including high pulse capability, non-inductive versions and various terminal options are available.

The ARCOL V3 series of lead-free axial vitreous enamel coated resistors feature an all welded design and are can withstand operation in harsh environments. ARCOL ensure that the finest materials are fully encapsulated in a non-inflammable, solid vitrified glass coating for ultimate humidity proofing. The 3W resistor offers ohmic values from R1 to 10K?, has a maximum operating voltage of 100VDC and can can be supplied un-mounted or with a variety of mounting styles including horizontal mounting, vertical, through-bolt and ferrule clips. Low Inductance Windings are available and thermal cut-outs can be fitted to certain resistors which will operate a contact to disconnect the resistor to prevent overload damage. The V3 series of resistors mmeets the requirements of JSS50402 and CECC40201 and special winding and high pulse versions are available.

The ARCOL V3 series can withstand 10 x rated power for 5 seconds and is suitable for applications including; shunt resistor, bleeder resistor, capacitor discharge/charge, inrush resistor, limiting resistor and crowbar resistor

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