Oscilloscopes with a remarkably high bandwidth of (36GHz) and high sample rate of (80GS/s) have been developed by LeCroy Corporation. The silicon technology is integrated into the LabMaster 10 Zi. When the solution is used in combination with the company’s Digital Bandwidth Interleave (DBI) and LabMaster ChannelSync architecture, it allows a broad bandwidth density-five times more channels, more silicon-based bandwidth and nearly double the silicon- based bandwidth using DBI. The result is four oscilloscope channels, all at silicon-based 36GHz bandwidth (the highest available) and 80GS/s sample rate in a single acquisition module. The DBI technology allows extension of the silicon-based 36GHz bandwidth and 80GS/s sample rate to 60GHz and 160GS/s by combining two 36GHz channels. The 60GHz real-time bandwidth is claimed by the company to be an industry first, and is nearly twice the bandwidth rating of other available 32 and 33GHz oscilloscopes with a similar amount of channels.

Lecroy Corporation