Nicomatic’s CMM Series micro-connectors designed specifically for high reliability applications has been made available by Lane Electronics.

The CMM Series consists of 2mm pitch, 2-part rectangular connectors which give designers the ability to combine between 6 and 120 mixed power, coax or signal contacts in 1, 2 or 3 rows. This modular, hybrid design can reduce the number of connectors required saving space and weight and, even with this flexibility, Lane is able to supply CMM Series connectors to individual requirements on lead times as short as just one to two weeks.

These connectors are suitable for Board-to-Board, Board-to-Wire and Wire-to-Wire configurations and feature a high reliability contact design capable of high performance under harsh conditions. High security is provided by an integral jacking mechanism or spring latch locking.

Lane is a source for connector types including circular, filtered, RF, coaxial, sub – miniature, backshells and adaptors, D connectors, aerospace, test and measurement, IDC, PCB connectors, edge connectors and connectors for rack and panel applications.