Densitron Europe Ltd, London, UK, a leading designer and manufacturer of information display systems today introduced their 2” PinPoint® series, a new series of high density 10 mm dot-gap LCD displays, to compliment their best selling negative mode graphic LCD line.  Available in 8 breathtaking colors:  Jade Green, Arctic White, Warm Amber, Midnight Blue, Tangerine Orange, Ocean Blue, Sunburst Yellow and Fireburst Red!

The excellent cell gap control of Densitron’s PinPoint® Series technology allows designers to present high quality, high contrast, 128×64 content in a sub-compact 2“ viewing area.

These LCDs utilize premium materials which offer stunning high contrast appearance due to their combination of dark black (or dark blue) background and ultra bright LEDs. This module also benefits from long term availability due to careful selection of components. The stunning photos demonstrate virtually no cross talk common to some standard displays. Most standard FSTN displays appear washed out due to their dark gray background, dim backlight and 20mm or larger dot-gap.

This display module is perfect for Rack Mount Equipment, Audio, Instrumentation, Medical Equipment, Industrial Indoor Meters, White Goods or Handheld Applications

Why Densitron? Today, we operate in 35 countries providing a focused and unrivalled service for a growing customer mix worldwide. In addition to excellent optical product offering, Densitron is a public listed company in the UK and is able to bring strong financial backing and a quality oriented culture to its partners since its inception 40 years ago.

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