A new 14V, 4A step-down µModule regulator from Linear Technology has been released. The device features a package size of 6.25 by 6.25 by 5.01mm BGA which, including a few passive components, fits within 1cm2 on a single-sided PCB or 0.5cm2 double-sided. This LTM4624 device includes the DC/DC controller, power switches, inductor and compensation in a single package.

It delivers a regulated output adjustable between 0.6V to 5.5V and is ideal for applications in telecom, datacom, networking and industrial equipment, medical diagnostic equipment, military and aircraft systems.

The LTM4624 operates at a 1MHz typical switching frequency with a very low 5mV output ripple at full load during a 12VIN to 1.5VOUT conversion. With the addition of an external bias supply above 4V, the device can operate from an input voltage as low as 2.375V. Overcurrent and overtemperature fault protection are included in the regulator.

This product will be on display at DSEi 2013, 10-13 September, on the Astute Electronics Ltd stand number N3-420.

Linear Technology Corporation